The building was constructed 120 years ago from an old manor family and was renovated before 1 year, in order to provide complete accommodation facilities as pleasant and beautiful as can be. The result is astonishing.

Romantic atmosphere dominates the space and carries away in other far-away seasons. The rooms, two-bed, three-bed and four-bed, are equally comfort and furnished with such taste that make you feel so cozy in this old-fashioned, traditional home.

All rooms are equipped with air-condition, TV, private refrigerator, and they are close to the harbor. All the frontal rooms have a balcony with view to Mpetolo paved street. Several rooms have windows viewing to the paved courtyard with the flowers.

In this courtyard with the flowers and in the single kitchen as well, the guest might enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, which we offer throughout the day, or even a drink.



Our rooms are located in the heart of the Venetian harbor of Chania and the main entrance is in 45-51, Betolo Street. Walking around the area is a real pleasure.

Graphic paving streets, tourist and art stores and small restaurants “tavernakia” offering traditional dining specialties.

The perfecture of Hania lies on the west end of Crete. It is surrounded by the Cretan sea on the North, the Ionian sea on the West, and the Libyan sea on the South, while on the east it has a common border with the county of Rethimno.

Its area is 2,376 km2 and has a mountainous terrain. The main mountain range is Lefka Ori (White Mountains) which stretches for 45 km from East to West and for 35 km from North to South. This mountain complex has 111 peaks ranging in height from 2,000 m to 2,453 m. The central part of these mountains ends up into the Libyan Sea to the South and is split by deep gorges and ravines (one of them is the famous Samaria Gorge). Also the coasts of the region are of great tourist interest with large bays and endless sandy beaches.

The town of Hania is the capital of the perfecture and the second largest in population town of the island after Heraklion. It is located on the north side of the county and is divided into the New Town and the Old Town. The New Town has an excellent city-plan with wide streets, fine buildings, an indoor market located in the center of the city, many squares and parks.


Hania has regular bus connection with the other towns of Crete and daily connections to Athens, Thessaloniki and other towns, by boat and by plane:

– By airplane: The airport of Hania is located in Acrotiri, 15 km from the town of Hania. Every day there are 3-4 internal flights (approx. 40 min). During the summer period Hania is connected to many places abroad through charter flights.

– By boat : Souda bay, 7 km from the town of Hania, is daily connected by boat to Piraeus (approx. 10 hours). During the summertime both night and day crossings take place, while in the wintertime only night crossings. Furthermore, in certain days one could take the boat from Kasteli (40 km from Hania) to Peloponnese.

– By Bus: The intercity bus service (KTEL) runs several buses daily connecting Hania with Rethymno and Heraklion. Also, several times a week one could travel to Thessaloniki by bus (the bus leaves the bus-station to Souda bay, then by boat to Piraeus, and finally by the same bus to Thessaloniki).

Mme Bassia – Airport, Duration: 15min
Mme Bassia – Souda Bay, Duration: 15 min

Chania – Rethimno: 70 Km
Chania – Iraklio: 156 Km